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PHPwebsite – a complete website content management solution
PHPwebSite is a web-based feature-rich free content management system designed to help you to easily create interactive and community-driven websites.

Steps to building your online presence with PHPwebsite
The usage of PHPwebsite is generally related to a few basic requirements - a web hosting service supporting PHP+MySQL, the PHPwebsite script itself downloaded from the Internet, and at least initial knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc.

PHPwebsite Web Hosting Plans with special FREE bonuses
Each PHPwebsite Web Hosting Plan comes with the exclusive Elefante Installer, which allows a free PHPwebsite installation in addition to the installation of more than 30 other free scripts for your blog, photo album, calendar, forum, shopping cart, guestbook, etc. websites.
The multiple free scripts are complemented by a set of miscellaneous free marketing tools and administration instruments for your websites’ popularity and security, a free website builder and a free domain name (registration or transfer), coming with most of the plans.

PHPwebsiteHosting on semi-cluster technology

The PHPwebsite web hosting plans are backed up by robust semi-clustered hosting Quad Core servers, which provide much faster data request processing than the general one-server platforms do. The servers distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other, thus saving you all the troubles related to excessive load usage and ensuring stability and security for your websites.

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