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Movable Type – why it is the right blog software for you
With Movable Type 4 – your weblog will go online within minutes. No time-consuming site set-up procedures, no special web skills required! Its WYSIWYG Editor will let you create a piece of blog art with any text, photos and files that you desire. In addition, a powerful stats tool will let you keep track of all activities within your blog website.

Steps to obtaining Movable Type
Movable Type 4 is distributed online under the GNU licence and is therefore available to you at no charge. To get it going, you will have to find a trustworthy hosting service, download the script from the Internet and go through a series of installation steps that require at least some basic knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc.

Movable Type Web Hosting with exclusive bonuses
With any of our web hosting plans you get Movable Time 4 fully installed automatically, which will save you precious time, trouble and money (the standard installation of Movable Type 4 by a specialist costs around $50 USD)! Moreover, our Elefante Installer platform, included in all web hosting plans, will let you install a forum, a photo album, a calendar, or a shopping cart, without any additional efforts or charges.

Extra free website content and management options come together with most of our hosting plans as well – a set of free marketing and administration tools, a free website builder (SiteStudio) and free domain registration/transfer services.

Movable Type Web Hosting based on Quad-Core Servers
What makes your choice of our Movable Type 4 web hosting services even more worthwhile is the high speed of our servers’ performance. This is due to the fact that our innovatively configured semi-cluster hosting platform is based on Quad-Core servers of latest generation, which distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other. We guarantee you equally high quality of performance of all Elefante Installer scripts, or any other applications that you may choose to run on our servers.

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