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Geeklog – your full-featured community website builder
Geeklog is free, open-source weblog software, which empowers you to set up a fully- functional dynamic website within minutes. It supports a great number of skins for website layout customization and has detailed statistics, calendar and link systems. With Geeklog your community website will be secured to the highest degree from unsolicited online actions.

Starting your online community with Geeklog
There are a few prerequisites you need to consider before starting to build your community website with Geeklog – choose a reliable LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) host and download the script onto your computer. You have to possess basic technical skills for the successful installation of the script.

Geeklog Web Hosting plans with fast & free Geeklog installation plus other free scripts and tools for your successful online presence
With each Geeklog web hosting plan you get a free installation of Geeklog through our Elefante Installer with just one click. Why bother downloading the script and carrying out the installation procedure manually? Why pay a technician to do the work for you? Here, everything is fast, easy and most importantly – free of charge. Along with Geeklog, you will also be able to get a forum, a guest book, a photo gallery, a calendar, a content management system (CMS), or a shopping cart, which will be installed automatically.

In addition to bringing you a whole world of free scripts through our Elefante Installer, most of the Geeklog web hosting plans also include a bunch of useful free marketing and administration tools, a free website builder  (Site Studio) and last but not least – a free domain name registration/transfer option.

Geeklog Web Hosting on powerful semi-clustered Quad Core servers
All Geeklog Web Hosting plans are relying on powerful Quad Core servers operating under a semi-cluster hosting technology that offers much more advantages compared to the widely used one-server platforms – several times faster server response and data processing times, less server load, fewer hardware problems and greener working conditions (less energy is needed for the servers to work due to reduced need for cooling).

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