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What is the purpose of the Gallery2 software and how can I use it?
Whether you are an artist, professional photographer, or simply willing to publish your family pictures online, this fast and flexible software will perfectly fit your demands and provide for you the easiest way to manage and control your photo albums online.

What can I best utilize Gallery2 for?
You can set up each album with unique profile, regarding the size, resolution and layout of the pictures. Also included is support for FTP upload, webrowser-based image upload, visitors voting and remarks, and many other useful features. Apart from its in-built functions, Gallery2 supports also a big number of side plugins, that can be easily incorporated and enhance its functionality with interesting add-ons

Why should I install Gallery2 through the Elefante Installer?
In spite of the quick and friendly installation process provided for the Gallery2 PHP software, most of the less technically experienced users would still experience difficulties during the set up of the Apache server, and the installation and configuration of the PHP support for ImageMagic and GD libraries included in the procedure. With the simplified, quick and professionally configured installation process of the Elefante Installer platform, you need to only fill in your name, e-mail address, and several fields with gallery information, and within a few mouse-clicks your Gallery2 photo album will be ready for public presentation!

Gallery2 hosting with а free Gallery2 forum installation (up to $50 value!).
The setup of a Gallery2 web album by a freelance specialist can cost you between $35 and $50 USD. Moreover, this price includes only the administrative settings of the script. Upon each purchase of a Gallery2 hosting plan we offer free Gallery2 photo album installation, thus saving you up to $50 USD. Taking advantage of the completely automated installation process, your Gallery2 web album will be fully ready to use as soon as your Gallery2 hosting order has been completed.

After the installation process has been finished, the only thing left for you to do is to publish your pictures and album content using the Gallery2 administration panel, which is integrated in our Advanced Web Hosting Control Panel.

Demo Links:   Gallery2 Admin | Gallery2 Website

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