DokuWiki Hosting

Dokuwiki – your documentation publisher
DokuWiki is aimed at helping developer teams, workgroups and small companies create perfectly structured online documentation of any kind. It allows the information to be stored in plain text, which makes the use of a database unnecessary.

Steps to getting Dokuwiki work for you
Building up a knowledge-based website with Dokuwiki requires some preparation on your end. You need to find a reliable hosting provider, download the script and install it online, and be familiar at least with the basics of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server and Linux.

Dokuwiki Web Hosting Plans with exclusive FREE bonuses
Any Dokuwiki-ready web hosting plan of ours offers a free Dokuwiki installation through our powerful Elefante Installler. Moreover, this tool will let you install other scripts of different characteristics such as a blog, a photo album, a calendar, a content management system (CMS) or a shopping cart, without having to pay a dime! No waste of efforts, money and time.
With most of the Dokuwiki web hosting plans you will also get free marketing tools, a free website builder and a free domain name registration or transfer.

Dokuwiki optimized hosting
All Dokuwiki hosting plans will ensure highest levels of performance and security for your websites, thanks to our semi-cluster hosting platform. It allows a balanced distribution of the load generated by the different hosting services between our Quad-Core servers, which guarantees up to 15 times faster server request times than the widespread one-server hosting platforms can achieve.


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