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B2evolution – your powerful multi-blog tool
B2evolution represents an evolutionary multi-lingual and multi-user blog solution, allowing you to manage multiple blogs with a single installation. It boasts a fully skinnable interface, file & photo management options and dynamic web page generation. Not to mention the fast search/display processing times, the robust anti-spam features, the trackback, feedback, hit-logs and stats options.

How to make use of B2evolution’s advantages
Each B2evolution must answer some basic requirements – a web hosting service supporting PHP+MySQL, the script itself downloaded from the Internet, and at least elementary knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. With our B2evolution web hosting plans you don’t have to meet all these conditions.

B2evolution Web Hosting Plans with FREE installation of B2evolution and many other scripts plus extra special bonuses for your web presence
All B2evolution Web Hosting Plans include a free installation of B2evolution through the powerful Elefante Installer, allowing you to bring your B2evolution blog online in a matter of minutes, without any skills required. In a similar way you can also add a forum, a guest book, a photo gallery, a calendar, a content management system (CMS), or a shopping cart to your website. For every single installation we are saving you up to $50 USD – the amount you will be charged by a technician for the service.

The multiple free script opportunities for your web presence are complemented by a set of miscellaneous website marketing and administration tools, Site Studio web design tool and domain name registration or transfer services, all of them coming at no charge with most of the plans.

B2evolution Web Hosting based on robust Quad Core servers
Your B2evolution-driven website is guaranteed a stable working environment thanks to our semi-clustered Quad Core servers. The in-house developed semi-cluster hosting technology allows the servers in our network to reach a balanced distribution of the load generated by the different web hosting services within your account. This ensures much faster request processing times and longer server life than is provided by the general one-server platforms.

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